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"Shipping to or from Israel? Click here and get the lowest priced quote from the most reliable companies with no obligations at all!!"

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Making Aliyah? Need to ship to or from Israel? Looking for low cost shipping services? Shipping Consolidators will find you the lowest price quote.

As your moving date approaches, the complexities involved with shipping your belongings to Israel will become more apparent. Customs, regulations and costs are just some of the hassles needed to be dealt with. Why not let our unique and valuable service get you the lowest priced quote on moving to Israel?
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For Your Convenience.
Moving to any country would be hard enough; unfortunately the customs and regulations of the State of Israel in regards to shipments are particularly complex. Read this shipping to Israel FAQ page in order to get more familiar with Israeli customs and regulations. More than once immigrants to Israel have found their shipment has been left unattended by some port gate.
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Don't let this happen to you!
We only work with reliable, reputable and bonded shipping companies. No matter from what location you are shipping from or how complicated your shipment is, we can find you the best deal.

Using Shipping Consolidators will get you the lowest quote from a reliable company for your move to or from Israel.
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I'm Moving To Israel!
I'm Moving To Israel!
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Pictures of Israel
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