Best way to ship books

Some of the best ways to ship books for a book lover!
For many people, books are their best companion and they will carry it with them no matter where they go.
If you are one of them then who loves book and have a lot of shelves filled with book in your house, then you would surely not be ready to scrap out, sell or hand it over to other people when you are moving to a new place instead you would like to ship the books to the place you are moving.
Obviously, books are heavy and bulky and the shipping charges are applied by weight or the books, so even though you are book lover make sure you go through your books and decide which you really want to keep and pay for shipping.

Here are some of the best ways to ship the book when you are moving to Israel:
USPS Shipping:
USPS will come to your place and take the packages and will ship your book to the place you want.
There is no insurance provided by USPS, but if you want you can purchase insurance and other options like delivery confirmation, tracking etc.

When you choose USPS shipping, there are various options for you to select for shipping your books:

Media Mail
Media mail is actually the cheapest shipping option and will also you to move your favorite books with ease.
The only drawback is that you won’t be given guaranteed delivery date for your books it will be delivered within 2-8 days.

Standard Post
Even with standard post, the shipping of the books will not cost you too much; you will be charged based on the weight of the books and the place you want to ship.
This is a good option if you are not in a hurry as it will take the time to deliver the books at your place.

– Priority Mail
This is the very good option introduced by USPS.
Priority mail boxes will basically allow you to select the box size and you will have to pay for that only and your books will be shipped usually within 2-3 days.
So whether the box weight is 10 pounds or 40 pounds, you will pay the same price.
You can also do your own packaging and send it via priority mail but here you will be charged based on the weight and location.

• UPS and FedEx
Both UPS and FedEx are very similar to each other.
If you choose any of this you will be charged based on the size of the package and how where it has to be shipped. The more the weight and the distance, the more you will be charged.
When you are using UPS of FedEx you will avail various benefits like you can track your package, even the insurance is included in the price and you can also schedule a pick-up time.
So if you want to ship your books at a cheaper price then choose USPS shipping otherwise you can go for UPS or FedEx.