Aliyah to Israel

Few decisions are as important as making Aliyah (moving to Israel).
Few decisions have as big an impact on your future and your children’s future as making Aliyah.

Jews have dreamed of making Aliyah for over 2000 years.
Only since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 has it been easily accessible.
Furthermore, both the government of Israel and related NGOs (Jewish Agency and Nefesh b’Nefesh) actively promote Aliyah and facilitate the bureaucratic process.

This does not mean Aliyah is an easy or simple process.

From reestablishing your life and life support systems in another country to moving all your goods to your new home… there are many difficult and trying experiences you will go through.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most important key to a successful Aliyah is having the right attitude and being willing to accept that “different” does not mean “bad” or “wrong”… but only different.

If you are willing to accept the new and different and try it on, you might just find it is better than what you were used to in your old home.

The second most important key to a successful Aliyah is finding work.
A job that provides you with satisfaction and enough income to cover your daily costs will aid your Aliyah more than almost anything else.

Third is of course, finding a community and friends.
A community of friends to share with and support each other in times of need.
This davka is something you will probably find more easily than you would have back in the old homeland.

With the right attitude, your chances for success and a successful absorption into Israeli society are quite high.
Much good luck!