Best shipping Companies Israel

Shipping Companies in Israel

Shipping companies in Israel provide varied services for shipping to and from Israel.
The shipping companies in Israel have a huge network connecting the world.
They cater to the shipping requirements all across the world and are best priced as well.
Their teams have the necessary expertise to ship goods from different parts of the world.

Shipping Companies provide with the following services:

1. Airfreight – Shipping goods in and out of Israel through air.
The air export and air import is mainly advantageous as the goods can be transported speedily.
The shipment can easily be tracked.

2. Sea freight – Shipping goods in and out of Israel through sea.
The sea export and sea import is mainly advantageous because it can be done at more affordable prices than airfreight.

3. Logistics & Supply Chain management– This division handles the entire project of shipping starting from getting the order, to transporting the goods through air or sea, handling its custom clearance, providing with the warehousing services if required and finally making the goods reach its final destination timely.
This is the reason companies prefer to hire the logistics services externally.

4. Customs Clearance – This division is aware of all the custom clearance processes, the import duties, permits, rules and regulations.
This is handled by the customs authority.

Shipping Companies – Way of working

Many people are employed and are a part of the Shipping Companies that explains what all they do and how do they help while shipping in Israel as follows:
The Shipper
The shipper is the person who wants to send the shipment.
The shipper is responsible for the genuinity of the goods to be shipped; he needs to be aware of all the import rules and regulations.
He needs to provide with all the necessary paperwork required for the shipping.
He is supposed to know what needs to be done in an unexpected scenario like a strike at the port, an inspection by the customs, etc.
He should be aware of all the legal implications of the process.

The Shipping Company
The Shipping Company is like your Move Manager.
Right from the beginning through the end, it will witness your shipment process.
You need to enter into a contract with it before starting the process with all the terms and conditions related to the process of shipment.
Accordingly, it will prepare your bill.
It will constantly keep you posted with updates regarding the process, any losses or damages.
It will also answer all your queries related to the process.

The Origin Agent
This is your local guy who will come to your place to make a list of all the belongings to be shipped and accordingly quote a price for everything.
He is also responsible for the entire packing and loading

The Freight Forwarder
This entity arranges the sea freight or airfreight through which the shipment will be transported.
It needs to prepare all the documentation required for the export.
Eg Housing Bill of Lading – this document shows information about the owner of the shipment like his name.
This company also transports the shipment from the pickup address to the port.
Especially in a country like Israel, it’s important to have a freight forwarder so that they can take care of all the import duties and other strict import laws prevalent in Israel.
The Consolidating Warehouse
In case you don’t need a separate container for your shipment, then your shipment will be shared with another one on a common container.
The deciding factors for the number of shares are how much space your shipment occupies in the container and the distance between the original destination and the destination for on boarding.
In such a scenario all the goods that need to be consolidated on a common container are temporarily stored in a warehouse of the company till the container has enough shipments to fully utilize the container space.
This is called a consolidating warehouse.
The Export Port
This is the place where the fully loaded and properly sealed container is loaded onto a ship.

The Ship Line
The Ship line is the owner of the ship.
It issues two important documents for shipping the shipment – the Master Bill of Lading and the Seaway Bill of Lading.
Ship lines transport all kinds of shipments from one place to another be it commercial, military, etc.
Hence they play a major role in the economy of the world.
This is why they are provided with the special allowances and enjoy some privileges.

The Destination Port
This is your final destination where the shipment is finally unloaded from the ship.
Your bill includes the price quote that needs to be paid here especially the Destination Port Fees and the bill needs to be shown to the authorities here.

The Customs Bonded Warehouse
This warehouse is built at the destination point.
Until your shipment clears the necessary custom rules it cannot enter the country.
So, till the customs process is completed the goods can be stored in this warehouse.
However, the custom rules vary in different countries.
The Destination Agent
This is the entity that will actually handle all the customs duties and it’s clearing processes.
It also deals with the port on behalf of your shipment .
Further; it ensures final delivery of your shipment at your place.
Especially in a country like Israel with stringent and complex Import duties and regulations, this company is indispensable.
Israel has very stringent import rules and regulations.
So, it’s important to keep them in mind especially while packaging.
The knowledge of these import rules makes the shipping process very convenient and timely.

Some Rules for Shipping to Israel

The rules of Shipping your shipments to Israel depend upon the various statuses as follows:
1. Oleh Hadash status – People with this status enjoy the liberty to import a variety of items tax free.
Example per family can import two computers. You may also import furniture for household use.

2. Toshav Hozer status – People with this status are those citizens of Israel who have been away from the country for 6 years or maybe longer.
This status gives one the liberty to import ones car with some discounts on the tax

3. Tourist – The tourists visiting Israel can get a 3 months permit to import their car absolutely tax free.

4. A-1 Visas Holders – People with A-1 Visa are allowed to import a car or a motorcycle to Israel provided they have received an Israeli driving license and also a Personal Import License.
This is issued by the Israel’s Ministry of Transport.

Shipping To Israel and Restricted Items

There are some items which are strictly prohibited from import into Israel.
These are drugs, alcohols’, weapons and plants.
Some items though restricted but can be shipped if packed closely like books, pictures, or data containing stuff like tapes, CDs etc.
Also they should be listed in the inventory list.

Shipping to Israel – Good for the world economy

Israel became an independent state in 1948 from the Mandatory Palestine.
It’s bordered with places like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
Its capital is Jerusalem.
As per the World Bank Israel is one f the easiest and best countries to do any kind of business with as its very advanced.