Export from Israel

Exporting from Israel, like most countries is easier and simpler than importing to Israel.

Most countries encourage export as does Israel as an important way of gaining foreign currency, increasing employment and raising the standard of living.

Exporting personal effects and household goods, like commercial shipments is also relatively straightforward.
While commercial shipments require submission of an invoice and packing list, personal effects shipments require submission of a packing list prepared by the shipper or the packing crew.
Obviously an invoice is not available nor is it relevant for a shipment of household goods.

One important difference though is the Customs will check the shipper of an export shipment of household goods to determine if the shipper has imported goods to Israel within the last six years and received a tax exemption.
Tax exemptions for new immigrants (oleh chadash) or returning residents (toshav hozer) require goods be used for six years.

If a new immigrant or returning resident do an export shipment and six years have not passed, Customs will require the shipper export the same goods out of Israel or pay the relative amount of duties and taxes for the goods left in Israel.

Alternatively, the shipper can make a declaration to Customs the remaining goods will not be used, but rather stored until the shipper returns to Israel.
A lawyer or accountant must sign and stamp this declaration.