Import to Israel

Import to Israel – Commercial Shipments.

Importing goods to Israel does not have to be a difficult experience.
This statement is true when you use an experienced shipper and customs broker in Israel.

If you work with a non-Israeli shipper who does not have experience working in Israel you may have surprises and significant extra and unnecessary costs.

When you want to ship a commercial shipment, your shipping agent will ask for the HS code, an internationally agreed upon coding system used by Customs offices world-wide.
Your supplier should be able to give you the HS code.

Your Israeli Customs Broker will take this HS code and be able to tell you the customs duties and more importantly any required permits or licenses required by government offices.

Here is where a good Customs Broker in Israel will be able to save you much effort by guiding through the process and limiting your exposure to fines and other sanctions.
At the same time you can feel comfortable that you have prepared your shipment to Israel for quick and efficient clearing so your product can get on the shelves and be sold more quickly.

In order to clear your import shipment to Israel, you will need to supply the following documents:

·  Invoice addressed to the consignee of the shipment (must be numbered and dated and cannot say “pro-forma”)

·  Packing list

·  Power of Attorney

·  Scan of the ID card or passport of the person signing the Power of Attorney.

The above is currently correct, but Customs is in the middle of a pilot introducing an electronic transmission program called World Gate that will involve a more intensive signing in for a new importer, but will be much quicker after the first time.