Moving and Storage

Hassle free Moving and Storage

If we follow certain tips we can make our both Moving to another place and Storage of our belongings processes less tiring as well as properly managed as follows:

We need to Plan

If we plan our deadlines to move, the entire process of moving becomes smooth:-

1. Draft time for each task
Plan time for everything and take out time to do some research to arrive at the best prices for the packing vendors, etc to help you save some money. Add some more key tasks to the plan:
a) Pick up packing materials as required:
Make a list of the packing materials you may need to pack along with a list of places of their availability. Again do some research here as well to arrive at the best prices for the materials and decide latest by when you would need all the packing material to start the packing process timely?
b) Ensure all the paperwork of the new house is completed:
Ensure the contract or agreement or any other paper work is signed off timely. Inform all your friends, family and relatives about your new address in advance before shifting.
c)Inform Utility Suppliers :
Inform all your utility suppliers well in advance to stop all the services after the day you move out of the old house to ensure there are no usage bills post your move from that place.

2. Make a Budget of Expenses
By making a budget of your move expenses you know how much you can afford to spend in the entire move process. If the relocation is because of your work relocation by your employer, in that case, the employer shall bear all the moving expenses.
But you must record everything in an excel sheet or save the bills related to the expenses in order to claim the reimbursements from your employer.
Also Your employer may provide you a moving insurance for your move expense based on the budget of your belongings given by you in case of any accidents or damage during the moving process.

3. Remove the unnecessary
Make a list of your belongings and divide into 3 categories as follows:-
i) The unneeded items which can be sold for some money.
ii) The unneeded items which can be donated to someone in need.
iii) The perishable items like unwanted eatables which can only be thrown.
Moving Tips
After the basics are planned, you may think on adopting some of the moving tips which can further ease and organize the whole process as follows:-

1. Make an Inventory list of your House:
Just to keep a track of any stolen or damage item it’s important to make an inventory list which can serve as a backup list to verify the items post move.
This list should be prepared well in time if possible.

2. Labeling on the boxes:
Paste labels on each of the boxes and containers item wise and room wise.
Use different colored packing material for each room and clearly mention what’s inside each storage and where it belongs to in the house.
This makes it easier to take out any item urgently required just by seeing the outer of the container.
Numbering the storages is also important to verify the list post move.

3. Record an Itemized and electronic list: Make a detailed and an itemized list of all the storages and the stuff inside them.
You may prepare and save the list in your laptop or phone just to ensure you have a backup copy of the same.

4. Keep Copies of the Inventory lists:
This is very handy and useful in case of an insurance claim required.
As you cannot afford to misplace this requisite document for the claim, it’s important to keep its copies well protected in the house.

5. Prioritize Packing:
You may pack the not so important kind of stuff well in advance, to save time for the more important tasks on the moving date.
This could include your clothes and other personal use products.
Keep a separate box handy which includes items which may be most needed and immediately required after the move, maybe on the move day itself like utensils, toiletries, office stuff, chargers, etc.
Not to forget a knife or a cutter to open up the boxes to be able to start the unpacking process without any delay.

6. Look for help in advance:
If you have small babies or pets at home, it’s better to hire a temporary help to avoid any discomfort to them during the move process or hindrance in the moving process work.


There may be a scenario where you have finalized your move out date from the old house but yet to finalize the move in date into the new house because of a couple of reasons like the new house is not ready, or the contract signoff got delayed or the work for which you were to move is yet to be finalized in terms of its location etc.
In such circumstances, you would need a temporary storage place to fill the gap days between moves out and move in dates.

Storage also needs to be planned as follows:
1. Decide the date of the move in: Its better that the move in date is a weekday as usually there’s rush for everything on weekends because of the work off convenience factor.
2. Find out Storage Place–Then find out a suitable storage place in terms of its size and availability.

Storage Details

Following details should be the deciding factors in looking for a storage space:

1. Size – You would need a smaller storage place if your relocating from an apartment whereas a bigger one if you are relocating from a bigger house approximately.
2. Flexibility – Find out a storage place which can be given for as short as a period of a week or longer if required depending upon your need to stay in that.
And they should not charge anything extra beyond the stay days.
3. Enough driveways: When the drive ways of the house have enough space that makes it easy to load and unload goods from the truck to the house and vice versa.
4. Climate suitable: Look for a place which is in a suitable temperature especially to protect some delicate items.
5. Secure Storage: Look for a place that’s safe and secure for you to live and to keep your belongings.

Process of Moving in the selected Storage Place

Just the way, the entire process of moving out from the old house is preferred to be planned in advance similarly, it’s better to plan the process of moving into the chosen storage place.
To start with, you may first unload the hefty items of the house and place them right at the back as they are difficult to move and should not block the way or passage within the house.
Contrarily, the more needed and lighter items can be placed right near the entrance like wearable clothes and important documents.

Once the gap period is over and your new house is ready for you to move in, your move in transport vendors can help you shift happily and finally into your new home.