Moving Insurance

Quotes for international household goods shipments almost never include insurance for damage or loss.
Due to the large number of hands every international shipment passes through, almost all shippers will purchase moving or shipping insurance.

Officially called “marine insurance” coverage will typically include door to door coverage.
This means from the time the goods are picked up until delivered to your new home.

There are usually two options for declaring the value of your goods and from this, the size of your policy.
Many people will declare the value of their goods on a spreadsheet provided by the insurance company.

The second option is a “lump sum” policy.
In this case your policy will be a pre-determined amount (usually around $3000 per cubic meter or $85 per cubic foot) plus any high value items which you must list.
The high value items are then added to the lump sum amount to determine the value of your policy.
The lump sum policy save a lot of time and effort as you only need list those items above the threshold determined by the insurance company.

Each policy is different and you will want to check how long you have to file a claim after delivery.
If everything is unpacked you will have very short time to file a claim – perhaps only 7 days – since all goods were unpacked and any damages should be obvious to and recorded by the delivery crew.
In this case, claims are rarely contested by the insurance company as all claimed goods have been verified by an independent third party – the delivery crew.

Other policies allow a claim period of 14 – 60 days after delivery.
Rarely will an insurance company extend the claim period beyond this time frame.

During delivery while the crew is unloading goods in your home, you should be checking off each item, by number, and marking any external damage on the packing list.
While filing a claim, this information will be submitted to the insurance company and will facilitate claim handling.