Moving to Israel Checklist

Moving to Israel Checklist

Not sure you have all your papers in order or just have that feeling you left something behind? We put together a moving to Israel checkist which you can use to make sure you have all your bases covered.

From making sure you haven’t left anything at the cleaners to having a baby sitter watch the kids on moving day, our usefull checklist should give you peace of mind when planning your move to Israel. The checklist is free for you to download and use.

Download the moving to Israel checklist here.

We are also happy to provide, as a service to our users, the stickers below. Just print on standard A4 35×70-24 label sticker paper and place them on all appropriate boxes and items in your shipment. See below for instructions on how this is done if you are unsure.


fragile-sticker do-not-ship-sticker

Download FRAGILE stickers

Download DO NOT SHIP stickers

Moving to Israel fragile sticker

Moving to Israel do not ship sticker

Print them out yourself on standard A4 35×70-24 label sticker paper

You can find the labels here:

Instructions for using label sticker paper
Simply place the label sticker paper, with the perforated side up, into your printer.

Make sure you inserted the label sticker paper so it’s the next sheet to be printed on by the printer.

Open the Shipping Consolidators “Fragile” or “Do Not Ship” template with your word processing program and press print (in Microsoft Word you can find the print command in File > Print).

After the printing process has completed you can peel off the “Fragile” or “Do Not Ship” stickers from the perforated side of the sticker tape.

Use the stickers as needed.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.