Packing materials

All you need to know about Packing materials

Making the decision to move can change your lifestyle. It can be really stressful time, so one needs to be prepared for it in advance. The materials required for your smooth moving are:
• Boxes:
Perhaps the most important packing material, boxes are vital to moving anything from large items to small items with ease. It would take you a long time to move if you had to carry every item you own one thing at a time. You’ll need boxes in an assortment of sizes, plus some heavy duty boxes for holding your heaviest belongings. It’s wise to get more boxes than you think you’ll need.

Bubble wrap:
Bubble wrap is useful for wrapping your most fragile items, such as dishware, glasses or anything you need to avoid breaking. If you have any large, fragile items, such as full-length mirrors and oversized picture frames, you can wrap these items with lots of bubble wrap, rather than putting them in boxes.

Packing peanuts:
When you are boxing up uneven or odd shaped items that aren’t going to stack neatly in a box, packing peanuts are useful for filing up any empty spaces.
This will stop the items from hitting up against one another in transit and getting broken.

• Heavy duty tape:
You need a few rolls of heavy duty tape to ensure everything is intact.
You will need it to reinforce boxes while you are assembling them and to seal them up once they are full.
You may also need the tape to fix the bubble wrap in place around delicate items.

• Marker pens:
While not a packing material in the classic sense, you will be lost without marker pens when you are packing.
To make things easier for you when you get to your new home, you will want to label each box according to what’s in it or which room the items belong to.

Make a moving file with all the documents that you require at the time of moving.
For instance, your packers and movers reservation, payment codes, contact information for important people, etc.

How to pack household goods safely for your move overseas

Following are some of the basic materials one should consider to use for household packing:
• Boxes (cartons)
• Tapes
• Bubble wrap or packing paper
• Labels and markers
• Blank newspaper to fill empty spaces in the cartons
Different household goods will have to be handled in different ways to ensure they are secured, correctly packed and can be moved easily.

One could come across all sorts of different household goods varying in shapes, sizes and weights.
Following are some pointers to pack some of the commonly found household items:

• Remember to unplug all electronics.
• Refrigerators need to be unplugged 24 hours prior to loading as they need to drain out excess water and ice.
• Tape the inner table in a microwave oven so it does not move inside and break the glass door.
• Check the device manuals for all appliances for any special instructions.
• Double pack electronics with glass screen safely to ensure they do not break.
• Fragile bone china and ceramic kitchenware needs to be packed in double wrap.
• Glass containers and sharp cutlery should be wrapped with extra packaging.
• Place paper between all plates/bowls/cups and dinnerware to prevent chipping and breaking.
• Wrap cutlery and utensils together in tight bundles and bubble wrap before putting in boxes.
• Wine glasses/ vases/ crystal pieces, etc. should all be double wrapped in paper and bubble wrap.
• Small furniture products
• Ensure the edges are fully covered to prevent chipping.
• Remember to protect the surfaces with a bed sheet to prevent scratches.
Other items
• Books can be packed in corrugated boxes- don’t over pack large boxes as books are heavy. Pack in multiple small boxes.
• International sized bags could be used to pack clothes and shoes.
• Wardrobe boxes with hangers are available from the service provider.
• Photo frames can be packed by placing packaging paper between multiple frames.
• Fine art, pianos, and musical instruments all have unique requirements for packaging.

Packing kitchen items needs more effort and time as it requires most delicate care, because of fragile and important items like glassware, pots and pans, cutlery, cups and mugs and plates. It should be marked as fragile kitchen items.

Hiring professional packers

Professional packers should be hired to ease your relocating decision.
Shifting home is a stirring and wonderful experience that you are going to memorize for a lifetime. It needs time and energy. It’s advisable to hire professionals who can do the task quickly.
Though if you fail to formulate proper planning and implement them in the correct method, your vision shift may turn into a frightening, when shifting it’s important to notice a lot of factors.
It’s not as simple as packing your stuff in a bag and set on your voyage.
If you are thinking that you can grip everything on your own then you are wrong.
It’s very difficult for an individual to handle all the moving errands on his own.
From the starting task of shifting packing goods to loading them in the truck, for every task needs professional and experienced assistance.
Our customers get the complete moving process completed within the predetermined time structure.
The major benefit of hiring us is that we assist you with stress-free packing and management when you are shifting to a new place.
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Your important items will be secured and in safe hands.
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