Packing Materials

An international move insures your goods will be bounced around while traveling from your current home to your new home.

As a result, the use of quality packing materials is so important.
A quality moving company will use the finest available packing materials to protect your household goods.
Starting with strong, sturdy cartons – look for bi-wall cartons.
Bi-wall cartons will better protect the carton’s contents against the stress and pressure incurred in international moves.

In addition,  bi-wall cartons are usually strong enough to handle boxes that are stacked over two meters high.   Keeping in mind a sea container is over 2 meters high, the strength of the boxes is even more important.

Weak single wall cartons will be crushed under the weight of boxes stacked up to the ceiling of a container.

After confirming the strength of the boxes, you should examine the wrapping paper used to wrap your goods.
New, clean blank newsprint, when wrapped around dishes and glassware will protect the fragile breakables and prevent or at least limit any breakage.

Bubble wrap is the next common type of packing material.  Quality bubble wrap will be thick and heavy weight using a higher gage of plastic.
In addition, you should expect to see paper on one side of the bubble wrap.
The paper should be placed next to the wood (and the plastic side should not next to the wood.)
When the plastic side of bubble wrap is placed against wood – it will melt and leave marks on the furniture and you certainly want to avoid that.

Paper blankets are gaining in popularity… Like bubble wrap, paper blankets are wrapped around furniture for protection.
However, paper blankets when wraparound furniture will “bunch up” at corners providing even better corner protection.