Packing Tips

Packing tips for a hassle free relocation


Moving into a new house is always very exciting and at the same time it is very demanding.
The items and belonging that we have collected in our house over a period of time become very close to our heart and we wish that our stuff should be transferred without any harm or damage.
We should see our items in one piece as they were.
To make sure that we get our things transferred to our new house in the desired condition, we must have important things and tips in mind.

As they say, we can’t expect the desired results if we don’t plan well; it certainly applies to the whole packing process as well. Moving is no doubt difficult and it give us many sleepless nights, when we think about the due date of moving, but if we timely plan well, it will definitely reduce our stress.
Let’s look at some of the things that we should consider before packing, during packing and after packing.
Now what are those packing tips that one should keep in mind to make this difficult process into an easy and seamless experience or let’s simply call it Tips for better packing

Deciding on a date– each time we move, we feel less prepared, if possible let’s keep some time in hand, in order to decide or give away/sell or donate unused things, over the years we collect a lot things, which we may not need any more or may want to upgrade.
We should start shortlisting those give away items, well in advance so we are able to retire them before we even start packing.
This packing tip will allow you take a practical call whether to keep or dispose of unused items and not take a last minute hasty decision.

New items to be delivered at the new address– If you are planning to pick up a new sofa set or a new wardrobe or any other large item for new house, it will be a wise decision to directly take the delivery of the new item at your new residence, this will not only reduce the risk for damaging a brand new asset, you will get extra space in your truck and for sure you will save some money.

Collecting good quality and right quantity of packing supplies – This packing tip is the one of the deciding factors for your stuff to reach safely.
The quality and quantity of packing supply should be kept in mind, whether we should buy big boxes or small, packing tapes, scissors, bags, labels, markers, wrapping paper, cellophane tapes or paper, dismantling tools etc.
Once packed we want our packed stuff to be as it is until it we open it again, for that we need to ensure good quality of packing material, we may want to spend an extra money there to prevent a major damage and loss.
Knowing the capacity of the box is important, it may seem that it can fit more things in it but we don’t want it to break with overload.
A lot of it also depends on the medium of transport, especially if you are moving overseas, the quality of packing material becomes even more important.

Get organised while packing , so it’s easy to unpack – if we will pack in an organised manner it will be easy for us to unpack it later and in less time , rather than just stuffing things for now and taking all the time to un pack . When you are moved to a new house, locality, city or country, you as it is know very less about the new area than the one you are moving from. For example segregating the novels from study books or winter clothes and summer clothes and then packing them in different boxes with proper labels will make your life easy while unpacking. This packing tip will surely give you time to explore the new place instead of spending plenty of time in unpacking.

Breakable and unbreakable list – One of the very important packing tips is to take care of the delicate ad fragile items and the fact that both should not be put in the same box while packing.
These items should be put into speciality boxes like lamp box, guitar box, art work boxes or mirror boxes which is shaped accordingly and will prevent them from breaking.
Crockery items, glass table tops, lamps etc. should be packed nicely with layers of bubble raps with edge protection and should be transported in special crockery container box.

Appliances and Furniture – Appropriate padding is required to prevent your expensive furniture from scratches, Table tops, book shelves, show cases etc. should be rapped properly.
Furniture which can be dismantled and assembled again, should be separately packed and labelled with the all parts in one box, so you don’t misplace any part of the complete item.
Applying this packing tip will help unpacking faster and will save that extra expense for that lost part.

Numbering and Labelling – It’s certainly a good idea to have numbers and labels on all the boxes and items , for you to know how many boxes and items were there in total and which box contains what . At the time of loading, you can see how the boxes should be placed, should we have a separate area for fragile items or should it be placed at the top. Similarly at the time of unpacking you will be extra careful with breakable items if they are labelled properly.

Insurance– It will be a nice to take insurance, especially when you are moving states or overseas, reading the terms and condition is important and asking questions to clarify all doubts with the insurance amount, coverage, time frame, will keep your stress away while moving.

Ensuring timely loading and unloading – The manpower required to load and unload should be evaluated properly, sometimes the estimated time to load is incorrectly calculated due to less manpower deployment.
We always want timely arrival of our belongings to our new house along with timely unpacking for us to start a new life in our new house.

Selecting a reliable movers and packers company who can ensure all the above and many more crucial things is the most important packing tip for a smooth and seamless moving experience.
Moving from Israel or shifting to Israel, there are many companies to offers packing services; some even take a charge for giving a quotation.
At Shipping Consolidators we give a free of cost quotation after a site visit and give the information of all the services that we provide for you to have a fair chance of comparison both in terms of price and quality of service.
You can be rest assured you’re your precious items will reach your new destination on time and with a lot care. Packing can be a very stress full activity however if we plan well , and select a reliable movers and packers company which will ensure that our belonging are efficiently, yet carefully handled ,then it will prove to be a blessing for us to start our new journey and explore our new place and home.