Shipping Appliances

Shipping Appliances to Israel
In order to make adjusting to life in Israel easier, the State of Israel grants certain benefits to those making Aliyah. These benefits are designed to help you establish your home with more or less the same living standards you had overseas. Refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers can all be brought in on a lift, but what about electricity, service and parts, and space for your appliances?

In the US electricity operates at 110 volts while in Israel at 220 volts.
Despite the differences in electricity usage, does it pay to ship appliances in from the US or should they just be bought in Israel?

Transfomer for Electricity in IsraelThat’s a tough question.
Making a educated decision before you make Aliyah can save you a lot of money and hassle.

Many people moving to Israel from the US choose to bring in their appliances, and they have good reasons. They already own the appliance, and they probably have spare room in the container which is already shipping all their other belongings to Israel.

Still, operating these appliances will require a transformer to convert the 220 volt electricity which is used in Israel to the 110 volts your appliances are wired to work with in the US.
In addition, if you are talking about a big appliance such as a washer, oven, or refrigerator, you can expect to spend about $60 for a transformer, per appliance.
Also, make sure to buy them in the US as in Israel they will cost double.

Of course there are disadvantages to shipping in your appliances from the US:

  • Using a transformer can cut the life expectancy of your appliance by as much as %30.
  • Operating an appliance with a transformer uses more electricity, which in the long run can really add up.
  • Appliances from the US are usually larger than those in Israel.
    You in your new kitchen for your US sized refrigerator.

How about shipping a 220 volt appliance purchased in the US?

Although this may seem like a good alternative, once again you must take into consideration that houses in Israel are much smaller than those in the US.
A smaller house means a smaller kitchen which will probably not have room for a large oven.
In Israel most people don’t have a clothing dryer; they simply don’t have the space for one.

In general it is recommended to purchase appliances in Israel for some of the following reasons:

  • You know the appliance will fit in the space you have for it.
  • An appliance purchased in Israel will come with a warranty.
  • Who will service your US appliance? Can you even get someone to service it?
  • You may not find parts for your appliance from the states.
  • Most of the stores that sell appliances for Israel are dishonest.
  • They assume once you have moved to Israel you won’t come back to argue with them.

Because the taxes on appliances have been lowered, you can find really great buys in Israel.
Websites like allow you to do price comparison shopping.
Should you decide to use a transformer for any of your appliances, you should choose one that is rated 20% above the maximum wattage you intend to use.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.