Shipping Fine Art

Shipping Fine Art includes special handling and care, far above the norms expected for shipping regular cargo.

Many times, for high value pieces, escort service is also provided.
Will a painting safely arrive if sent via a regular courier service like Fedex, DHL, etc?0
Most likely… but if not or if there is damage, most insurance policies will not cover this loss as standard courier service does not provide the level of care or protection required by Fine Art.
Courier service is designed to handle documents and other lower value cargo.

Packing and crating is another import aspect of fine art shipping.
Paintings cannot be wrapped with plain white newsprint, but rather special waxine tissue paper that will protect the surface of the painting and not cause any damage to the paint itself.
In addition, the wooden crate must be much more than a frame, but rather must include full wooden sides to complete the protection.
Pictures and other “flat” artwork must have a crate with “legs” to insure it can only be shipped standing on its side and not be slid flat to lie on other cargo.

Crates for sculptures require significant planning and precision to insure they do not shift in transit and cushioning material to protect them.
Sometimes, a double walled crate will be used that includes built in shock absorbers to further protect the goods.

Bottom line, fine art shipping is an art in and of itself to make sure all goods safely arrive at their destination.