Shipping From Israel – shipping consolidators

Leaving Israel is never an easy decision.
Besides the beautiful sunsets, fabulous beaches and just plain good times in Israel, when you decide to ship your goods for a relocation overseas, you are taking a major step.

Shipping your household from Israel requires you to step back and determine what you want and will need in our new home.
Things you want will include all the nostalgic or sentimental items you have kept for years.
Your children’s toys and playthings are critical in making them feel at home in their new home.

All of the above are things you want even if they can be replaced overseas.
When you consider what you need, you should check if the home you are moving into is furnished – hence no need to send very much of your furniture.
However, for example, perhaps you very much want to sleep in your own bed and not one belonging to someone else.

If your new home is not furnished, then your shipment from Israel will necessarily be larger unless you want to buy all new (or used) furniture in your new home country.
Of course, you should keep in mind that you will not knjow the “best” places to buy like you know in Israel.
And you will certainly be under pressure to quickly furnish your new home so you cannot wait until there is a sale or special deal available.

After deciding what you need to send, you will need to start calling moving companies to get a quote for your shipment.
You must insist on them coming to your home to perform a pre-move survey.
If you decide on a company based only on a phone call, you can be sure, when the crew arrives you will start to hear things like:

“Oooh, you didn’t tell us….

“That is not what we understood…

“But this is totally different….”

All of the above mean an unpleasant monetary surprise is waiting for you around the corner.

Good luck with your relocation and I hope your stay overseas will be a short one so you return quickly to Israel.