When preparing to move to Israel and to ship your household, several thoughts come to mind.

Perhaps the most important one is deciding what to ship.   Shipping your home will be very costly and it is a shame to send something you really don’t need or use.  So sorting and discarding should be the first thing you do.  Less is better and in the long run will probably save you more money even after you buy the things in Israel you wish you would have brought with you.

The second most important thing is finding the right shipper.  Someone who knows what they are doing, has experience working with Israel and Israeli Customs and has a good, well-earned reputation.  Proper and complete licensing is another important consideration.

If your potential shipper is not licensed and there is a problem, you will have only yourself to blame as no government regulatory body will have authority over a company who has none of the required licenses to ship your goods and clear them through Customs.

After getting quotes from two or three shippers, you will certainly consider the total bottom line pricing of each, but you should also consider the “gut feeling” you get from your sales person and the surveyor who visits your home to estimate the volume of your shipment.   Is the quote you received professional and complete?  If something seems to be missing…it probably is and it is probably missing because they have something to hide.  That something is probably a very expensive surprise.

Good luck with your shipment to Israel – with a little homework you can be assured of a professional company who really does care for you and about you and your household.