Shipping To Israel

Shipping to Israel / Cargo Transportation to Israel

Cargo transportation to Israel or shipping to Israel from USA or Canada or UK  can be done by means of a number of different systems: land, marine or air transportation.
When placing an order for cargo transportation it is of most important that your goods reached Israel intact, without damage and with the quality in which you ordered it.
The success of many businesses rely on the quick and efficient service of the cargo transportation company, and as such, the importance of choosing a suitable transportation company for this purpose.

As we mentioned- there are a number of ways in which you may receive your goods from abroad in Israel:

Land Transportation
Which takes place primarily via rail and trucks. Your goods are loaded onto trains or trucks per your choice and the dimensions which you prefer.
(By large, this type of transportation takes place within Israel).

Marine Transportation
Perhaps the most convenient method available today.
The transportation takes place within containers.
Your merchandise is loaded onto containers on board ships that arrive to the port in Israel.
This method has many advantages:

If your merchandise is of delicate or great value it is convenient to transport it within containers.
The container protects the merchandise from damage and ensures that it will arrive intact to Israel.

If you are importing a number of different items to Israel, they are generally loaded into one container, which facilitates keeping track of items and preventing loss and misplacement in locating the merchandise.

-Controlled environment
These days there is the possibility to maintain and set temperature of the goods in the event that you are importing food or beverages in which it is important to maintain a certain climate for the goods.

The price of transportation in containers is not high and can be suitable for many suppliers.

Air Transportation
air transportation is carried out by means of aircraft.
– The major advantage of this method of transportation is the speed of transportation to Israel- airplanes avoid heavily congested roads, are lighter than freight ships and have high mobility.
– The method allows you to keep track of your merchandise
– when the aircraft takes off, arrives in Israel and its location at any given time.
-This method also allows for the shipment of sensitive, breakable or fragile goods in a safe and monitored way.
-Release of merchandise can be carried out quickly and without delay.

When considering the various options for receiving your goods in Israel, it is recommended that you consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the methods with respect to your needs and requirements.
For example, if you are to receive relatively small products which are neither delicate nor fragile, perhaps it would be best to ship by sea whereby your merchandise will be shipped to Israel in one piece and not in a dispersed manner.
Another example could be that in the event that the receipt of the merchandise is not of urgency to you, you could select to ship it by truck or rail- slower but cheaper methods- all in line with your own needs and the parameters of importance to you.
Shipping to Israel need not be complicated- it is important to choose the transportation method best suited to the type of goods and the importance you place on factors such as speed of transportation, security of goods and the service offered by the transportation companies.
If you choose personalized service, or to know where your shipment is at all times, or the exact time of the arrival of the shipment in Israel, or if you place emphasis on the total price of shipment- all this is for you to choose!


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