“Thanks so much for your help in finding a low quote for our disabled sister to move from England and join us in Israel…
Many thanks again for your free service and kindness.”

Ruth Freedman – Maale Adumim, Israel

“Thank you so much, for your help; and also for helping me understand the moving system.
It can be tricky … One thing I’ve found is that there are some really nice people on the other side of this computer screen.
For someone with broken Hebrew with a southern accent, it helps to speak with someone whose English understands what I’m trying to say.
This is a huge move for me; and, having great customer service helps immensely!!
Thanks again…”

Dianne Eubanks – Huntsville, Alabama

“Your company has excellent customer service. I will recommend you to others!”

Aaron and Rachelli Krongold – Jerusalem, Israel

“We were under real intense pressure. Here we were just a few days before our big move, the biggest one of our lives actiually, and still nothing was ready.
I didn’t have time to box my large DVD collection let alone shop around for a good deal on reliable shipping. We saw the Shipping Conlidators advertisement in the local synagogue’s weekly newsletter and visited their site.”
“It was amazing. They did a price search on a whole bunch of shipping companies and got us in touch with the one with the lowest price. The company that did our removal was professional and nice. It took a big load off our shoulders.”

David and Janet Glass – Los Angeles, California

“Thank you very much for getting back to me so soon; it is greatly appreciated. We are not interested at this time but possibly in the future we will use your company. I will definitely recommend you to other people. Thanks again and have a nice day.”

Ephraim B. – Jerusalem, Israel

“Thank you, I do appreciate your service and advise.”

Yvonne R. – Germany

Mark and Rivka were recently married newlyweds about to fulfill their big dream of making Aliyah to Israel.
Their case was particularly tricky since Rivka had still not moved all her belongings into Marks apartment.
The shipping company would have to stop by two locations in order to collect their belongings.
“It was a nightmare. Since we had just gotten married we didn’t have time to move all her stuff in.
Moving companies were trying to leverage that against us and the prices just got higher and higher.”
“A friend of ours who had already moved to Israel was in town visiting.

He told us about www.ShippingConsolidators.com and we decided to give them a shot.
We got a quote that was 40% lower than the lowest one we had gotten until then.”

Mark and Rivka Levy – New York, New York