Toshav Hozer – Coming Home

With several million Israelis and their children living overseas, many consider returning to Israel to come back to their roots, to be closer to family or just because they miss being home.

The State of Israel has put together a program of rights for toshvim hozrim to facilitate their return to Israel in order to reestablish their homes.

Any Israeli who has been overseas (students after 18 months) for more than 2 years is entitled to import up to two shipments within 9 months of their return to Israel.

These shipments are exempt of taxes and duties on household goods including 2 TVs, 2 computers and one of each household appliance.

A Toshav hozer can  bring more, however will be charged taxes and duties on the “extra” appliance.
The more expensive, newer appliances will be the tax exempt ones so taxes will be relatively low on used appliances.

Household goods such as kitchen ware, linen, clothing and furniture are generally tax exempt on an unlimited basis as long as the quantity is appropriate to the size of the family.

There are more rights and assistance extended by Israel via the Ministry of Absorption and information can be obtained via the Bayit HaYisraeli in the Israeli Embassy or Consulate.

The above rights are only those extended via Customs.