Shipping From Israel

Shipping from Israel / Cargo Transportation from Israel

Business owners from diverse fields who import and export goods require cargo transportation services from Israel and to Israel.
Choosing a cargo transportation company is a high priority for exporters as they desire to ensure that their goods will arrive safely and in time to their destination.
Whether we are talking about large items or small ones, higher value or lower value items, fragile goods or durable goods- all goods are liable to get damaged or even get lost on the way to their destination.
At times it is the price of transportation which determines the type of transportation that will be selected.
Before making the decision in which way we plan to ship our goods to its destination abroad let’s first look at our options:

Marine transportation– which currently may be the most popular way to transport goods between countries around the world.
Exporters in Israel use this system as it is the cheaper option of the two. Most cargo is transported around the world in ships.
There are 2 types of ships which transport such cargo: cargo ships and dedicated cargo long.

In this type of transportation it is possible to transport quantities which are less than a full container load and, as such, it is the preferred option among the majority of Israeli exporters.
The price of the shipment is calculated per unit which is higher in weight or volume.

Air transportation-a system which is quite expensive but which has its advantages.
This method is much faster than marine transportation and is used primarily by international courier services.
In both air and marine transportation there are frequently additional taxes above the proposed priced which are tied to fuel and security, which increase the price of the transportation.

International companies who transport shipment by means of air transportation employ the consolidation system, in which small cargo of several exporters are combined into one big shipment.

Transportation insurance:
If you are dealing with the export of goods to overseas destinations on a regular basis it is important that you insure your goods.
There are companies in Israel and around the world whose reputation rests on the quality and speed in which they ship overseas from Israel.
Cargo transportation from Israel needs to be carried out by a well-regarded, professional, reputable and experienced shipping company in order to ensure quick and safe shipment overseas.

Today it is possible to ensure shipping content from small packages up to automobiles and heavy merchandise.
Just as you desire that your shipment will reach its destination as quickly as possible, so you will want to ensure that the shipment will also arrive intact and complete, and in the case that any damage should occur, you will be reimbursed as such.
There are additional parameters that need to be taken into consideration when we insure our merchandise to be shipped overseas, such as the political situation, for example.
The insurance will not always cover all damages that might occur to your shipment, thus it is important to clarify from the start the coverage offered and to deal with a reputable and experienced company with resources in this area.

In conclusion, before you ship your cargo overseas, be sure that you are doing it in the best way possible.
Start checking into what kind of transportation is most suitable for you in line with your budget, type of goods, quantity and urgency of shipment.
For those of you who want to feel at ease that your goods will make it to their destination as smoothly as possible, it is advisable to find the right insurance to cover expensive damages if something does happen during shipment of the cargo.

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